Waterproofing & Air/Vapor Barriers

Waterproofing & Air/Vapor Barriers

At MacArthur Co. we also offer waterproofing products as well as air and vapor barriers. We have partnered with leading manufacturers to offer the right solution for both residential and commercial waterproofing projects.  Some of the product listed below may not be available at all our locations. 

There are many options for below grade waterproofing: self adhering peel and stick, fluid applied, spray applied, hot applied, and bentonite.

Air and vapor barriers are critical to a building's air quality and efficiency. MacArthur Co. offers both self adhering and fluid applied systems for walls and roof decks.

Several brands of below-grade extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation are available through MacArthur Co.

Drainage mats such as MiraDRAIN are often an essential component to below-grade applications.

Whether its primers, sealants or mastics, you will find it at MacArthur Co.



Benefits of Ordering your Waterproofing & Air Barriers from MacArthur

Waterproofing products are often a crucial component of a building envelope.  At MacArthur Co. we have you covered from top to bottom!

Every MacArthur Company location strives to meet the unique needs of their customers.